Donate to the AAA in Cork

The AAA has been refused the right - afforded to all parties - to raise money from our supporters in Dublin South West and in Galway. In Dublin Bay North we were restricted to two nights of fundraising. At the same time, as part of the charges against jobstown protesters, Paul Murphy TD, 2 Anti Austerity Alliance councillors and our activists face extremely serious charges of false imprisonment for having the temerity to protest the grotesque irony of the minister for social devastation, Joan Burton, visiting the community of Jobstown, reeling after 7 long years of austerity cut-backs and a cost of living crisis. 

The AAA will fight them every step of the way, including in the courts. but we don't want to let them off the hook in the upcoming election either. Labour TD's in particular should be swiftly kicked out of office for their betrayal of working people and replaced with principled anti-austerity fighters around the country. The AAA needs your help to mount a serious challenge to the parties of sell-out and inequality.  Councillor Mick Barry is our candidate in Cork North Central and alongside Ciara Leonardi Roche in Cork East and Fiona Ryan in Cork South Central, the AAA needs your help to kick out the sell-outs and the parties of austerity. Please donate to support our election campaigns and help us win a Dail platform to present  a clear, left and progressive, anti austerity challenge in the upcoming elections.