Sinn Fein dirty tricks circulation of fake facebook conversation

Press Statement: Paul Murphy (Anti Austerity Alliance) 4 October 2014

  • Condemns Sinn Fein dirty tricks circulation of fake facebook conversation
  • Demand that Sinn Fein leaders publicly disassociate themselves from smear & circulate correction
  • Sinn Fein must make original file available for independent verification 
  • SF Panic as AAA Dublin South West By-Election campaign exposes their weak position in oppostion to water charges

Prominent Sinn Fein members, including Mary Lou MacDonald TD and Lynn Boylan MEP have circulated a false screenshot of a manufactured Facebook conversation whereby Dublin South West By-Election candidate for the AAA, Paul Murphy, indicated he was lying about Sinn Fein policy on water charges ‘in order to get support’. The image makes the message appear to come from Paul’s personal account.


Paul Murphy did not write this message. It appears to be either a photoshop or a false Facebook account set up with the name Paul Murphy and the picture used on Paul Murphy’s official page, as opposed to his personal facebook. The source of this image, Jason Roe, has since accepted that this did not come from Paul, alleging it came from a page that he thought was genuine. He claims to have deleted the original screenshopt and has not sent the link to the page that the message supposedly came from.


“This is an incredibly dirty trick which Sinn Fein's leadership has given credibility to by circulating the falsehood. I did not write that message. It is either a photoshop or a fake account, designed to damage the AAA campaign in the Dublin South West by-election. The fact that leading members of Sinn Fein have circulated this picture and have continued to do so despite my clear statement that I did not write that message, is absolutely outrageous.


“I am asking Sinn Fein public representatives to immediately withdraw this picture from circulation and to clarify to their followers that I did not say such a thing. Sinn Fein must make the original file, untampered with, available for independent verification


“This is a dirty trick designed with a specific purpose in mind. It is to divert attention from their opposition to a mass campaign of non-payment of water charges, which represents an abandonment of working class communities who are in revolt against water charges and cannot pay. More and more people are seeing through their position, which in effect means that people should pay and wait for a Sinn Fein government in the future. What we need instead is a massive campaign of working class people power, non-payment, protest and political pressure to defeat the water charges.”

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