No concessions will defuse opposition to water charge

The Anti-Austerity Alliance has today said that any concessions on the water charge, as reported in the media today, will not defuse the opposition to the charge as over 90 protests are set to take place tomorrow. Ruth Coppinger TD said:

“The government are in a panic and are back peddling trying to find a carrot to try to defuse opposition to the water charge. Since the massive October 11th march they have scrambled to try to portray opposition to the charge as being a communications problem. They are missing the fundamental point which is that people are opposed to the charge because it is another austerity tax which people cannot afford. People have had enough and won’t take anymore.

 “We are encouraging people to take part in the national day of protest tomorrow to bury the water charge. The government’s panic is inspiring more confidence in people to oppose this charge and the government will be met with a massive boycott of this charge when the bills arrive in January.”

Paul Murphy TD said “People will not be fooled by the talk of a tax credit. People have the experience of the bin charges when a massive number of waivers were given to people only to be taken away once the charge was established. The same will happen with any concessions the government gives now on water.

“The ‘We Won’t Pay’ campaign will continue to build opposition to the packs, meters and a boycott of the charge itself.”

Joe Higgins TD said “The head of SIPTU, the largest union in the country, Jack O’Connor, has once again abandoned his members by refusing to support the protests tomorrow. In an interview this morning he gave no opposition to water charges. These protests will involve thousands of SIPTU members.

“In the face of the charge being defeated he said that we would pay anyway, the Labour Party line. This is another case of trade union leaders acting as the mudguard for the Labour Party.  If Jack O’Connor was serious about putting forward an alternative, he would be actively fighting to scrap the water charge and to have a wealth tax implemented which could more than cover the cost of the water charge and would lift the burden off ordinary people onto the wealthy in Ireland.”

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