Budget ‘Kite-Flying’ – Water Charges will mean austerity as usual

The Anti-Austerity Alliance has today attacked government ministers engaged in pre-budget ‘kite flying’ saying that they are ignoring the reality of the new water charges bill arriving in people’s doors from 1st of January. Paul Murphy, the AAA’s candidate in the Dublin South West by-election said:

“It’s typical of the hypocrisy of this government to have ministers lined up, flying budget kites publicly, about the end of austerity when for the majority of people the water charges will mean it’s austerity as usual.

“The water charges are the latest austerity measure which will push people already struggling to survive closer to the edge. So while the Tánaiste can talk about the end of a ‘historical period’, for many austerity isn’t historical it is on-going daily, and will be made worse by the water charges.

“The discussion around the budget perfectly contrasts the government’s spin about recovery against people’s everyday lives. The government and the media talks about recovery and the economic situation getting better, yet for the majority of people their situation is not improving, in fact the water charge will make things a whole lot worse.

“The Anti-Austerity Alliance is calling on people to refuse to return correspondence from Irish Water, but also more importantly to organise for a boycott of the bills when they arrive in January. Irish Water is toothless in the face of a boycott. Unlike with the property tax, Revenue cannot steal this from wages, welfare or pensions so this can be beaten by a campaign of boycott, protest and political pressure.”

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